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Tykeson Hall College and Careers Building – University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences

Eugene, Oregon

Institutional/Academic - Arts and Sciences


OFFICE 52 wins prestigious CAS commission to design Tykeson Hall:

The College of Arts and Sciences and The University of Oregon chose OFFICE 52 Architecture to be the Design Architect for the new Tykeson Hall College and Careers Building in a competitive selection process.

Prominently sited in the heart of the University of Oregon campus, this new 65,000 SF building will bring together and integrate a multitude of pertinent resources dedicated to educational excellence, academic advising, career services, community outreach and administrative leadership.  Tykeson Hall will be the headquarters for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the core academic unit of the University of Oregon.  CAS is home to 800 faculty, 42 fields of study, and 11,000 students majoring in those fields, an academic enterprise comprising approximately 60-65 percent of the university.

OFFICE 52’s design and outside-the-box approach rethinks conventional and contemporary models of spaces for liberal arts education and student success to create flexible, state-of-the-art learning environments so that CAS may forge a new trail in higher education.  As such, Tykeson Hall will be the new cultural and academic center with a vibrant, student-focused hub for the College of Arts and Sciences, and we have worked closely with CAS leaders and user groups to refine the program elements within the design vision.

Our conceptual design for the project encompasses three interlocking forms which overlap and intersect in the section of the building to reveal spaces with visual and spatial connections and natural light.  We re-envisioned the surrounding landscape to create a modern indoor-outdoor integration of exterior space with a large ground floor Public Room called the CAS Commons, a program feature which OFFICE 52 introduced, to help orient students and serve as the building’s primary meeting space.  We also included flexible classrooms with welcoming advising spaces and theme pods that house advising teams to offer combined academic and career guidance.

Our design approach to building materials reflects the union and weaving of the traditional campus lexicon with an unprecedented and new spatial model to form a transformative architectural experience.  As such, we have designed each of the three interlocking geometric forms with exterior skins of traditional and modern materials that respectively reflect the philosophical intent of the program within each volume.  The first volume will house the core classroom program and will be composed of traditional brick sympathetic in scale and tone to the surrounding buildings yet with a contemporary stacking pattern we designed.  The second volume houses all of the newly integrated advising and administrative program and will be composed of an array of  modern terracotta baguettes and glass openings.  The third most transparent volume houses the Public Room and will be constructed of a glass curtain wall with a custom frit pattern.

OFFICE 52 Architecture is the Design Architect for Tykeson Hall and has partnered with Eugene-based Rowell Brokaw Architects as the Architect-of-Record.

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