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Alterman Law Group Workplace

Client: Alterman Law Group PC

Portland, Oregon

Workplace Design

When we take on a new project of any size, we work with the stakeholders to understand the core functionality of how they use their space to establish efficacious data for personal workspaces, meeting and communal spaces, client storage and tech needs.  By doing this everyone gains insight into how to push the limits of workplace design to creatively align work and spatial models for current and future needs of a growing firm.  It’s about the journey as much as it is about the completed destination.  This was very important for a business that works differently from other law firms in the way it advises other businesses, their owners, and real estate investors.  The design process embodied their own process of asking intelligent questions and devising creative solutions for their clients.

For its new fifteenth floor office, the Alterman Law Group wanted a design that embraced daylight, openness and privacy, with unique elements that reflected their innate love for the city and region.  Words are the tool of their craft, so inspirational floor to ceiling views of the city and hills beyond were as important as spaces affording privacy for contemplation and writing as well as meeting places.

We did this with a clarity of diagram highlighted by uniquely crafted and thoughtfully coordinated interior elements while working closely with R&H Construction to attain sustainability goals.  This included salvaging and spatially reconfiguring the existing interior glass storefront and sliding doors for the new design.  To produce daylit spaces with desired level of privacy for offices, we modified this interior glass with a graphically appealing, custom-designed linear frit pattern mimicking the shape of select mountains in the Oregon Cascade Range.

The 2,000 square foot space features a curated ensemble of natural and sustainably sourced materials.  These include contract-grade handcrafted wallcoverings of natural materials, no VOC paint, PVC-free furniture, recyclable carpet with recycled content, high-efficiency LED lighting, and a warm color palette with a crimson accent.  OFFICE 52 guided the Alterman Law Group on furnishing selections and custom designed features, including the conference table and reception desk, both uniquely crafted of reclaimed black walnut.

A table can be a work of art, especially when part of its beauty is the result of reclaimed lumber from the Pacific Northwest.  Our clients are distinguished by the many ways they embrace environmental responsibility to heighten awareness of our cities and urban forests, and this was a superb example.  The walnut tree originates from an urban park near the Willamette River in the verdant Willamette Valley town of Eugene.  Due to significant ice storm damage, the tree was thoughtfully salvaged to be revitalized.  Designed by our studio to accentuate the beauty of the wood’s grain, the reception desk and conference table feature custom forms with gracefully curved and tapered edges, traditional butterfly joints, and an integrated power/data port – a weave of artistry and modern technology.

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