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Leete's Island Books

Sedgwick, Maine

Fine Arts Press Publication


Michelle LaFoe and Isaac Campbell designed the graphic format and layout for the publication Form and Dichroic Light:  Scott Hall at Carnegie Mellon University, © 2018 First Edition, with a Foreword by Cesar Pelli, FAIA, and an Introduction by Michael J Crosbie, FAIA . The grid represents the basic structure and continuity for the organization of the visual and textual material for the design of the book. We designed the module size for the grid to be appropriate to the graphic design project and the chosen vertical orientation of the book. In relation to Scott Hall, the grid aligns with the concept of the underlying structure and composition of Scott Hall facades, a basic structure within which playful variation can occur.  We focused on the design of the system with a pragmatism that adddresses flexibility in how the system can be applied and allow for intuitive creativity and variation within the system that ties it all together. Book process photography by Isaac Campbell and Michelle LaFoe.  ISBN (hardback): 978-0-918172-70-9. 

Form and Dichroic Light Excerpt
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