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Founded in 2010 by Isaac Campbell and Michelle LaFoe, OFFICE 52 is a progressive multidisciplinary practice dedicated to realizing transformative projects through conceptual rigor and artistic vision. Through rigorous analysis, research based exploration and artistic expression, we seek to rethink basic concepts and create new models that support our clients’ aspirations. Our approach is open-ended and iterative and utilizes both digital and analog means to explore ideas. It is a process of imaginative thinking, making, and testing to create designs that are simple and elegant, yet layered with meaning. We view design as a creative journey that we take with our clients as active participants and we believe that architecture is an art that involves the positive act of making places with qualities that inspire people while also fulfilling pragmatic needs.

Our work has been recognized nationally and locally, and has recently been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Gray Magazine and Competitions 2015 Annual – a publication of global competitions.  Our experience encompasses a diverse range of scales and typologies with projects for higher education, the creative arts, museums and galleries, civic and cultural institutions, master plans, commercial development, buildings for research, site-specific installations, and a variety of housing types.

Our success is built upon an understanding of a project’s economic, community, and environmental context. We are leaders in sustainable design and have built relationships with some of the world’s best technical consultants, allowing us to integrate the finest engineering, technology and sustainable approaches into our projects. We believe that our legacy is the built environment and that we will be judged by the beauty and sustainability of what we leave for future generations.